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mandag, november 5th, 2018

Plastic Cosmetic Foam Pump Head Pumping Quantity Detection

For each type of plastic cosmetic Foam Pump(KEXON) head, the pumping volume is fixed and there is an allowable error range. The 24-tooth, 28-toothed lotion pump pumped 2.0 cc with an error of ±0.2 cc. This lotion pump can be used for shampoo pump heads, shower gel pump heads, body pump heads, hand sanitizer pump heads, […]

fredag, november 2nd, 2018

Wholesale Foam Pump on Line

Pumps, Sprayers, Misters and our website you will discover: sprayers, foamer pumps with silicone brush, lotion pumps, treatment pumps, gallon pumps, airless pumps, bottle pumps to meet your requirements. Scan down the page or use our product search to find exactly what you want. KEXON, Foam Pump Manufacturers(KEXON), will tell you the instructions of bottle […]

onsdag, oktober 31st, 2018

Who are the Best Trigger Sprayer Manufacturers

A Trigger Sprayer(KEXON) are used for a number of applications across different sectors. They make liquids easy to dispense thanks to the targeted or diffuse spray functions of the Trigger Sprayer. And unlike aerosols, Trigger Sprayer can be attached to different plastic bottles and are more environmentally friendly. Different sizes of holes in the sprays […]

mandag, oktober 29th, 2018

Trigger Sprayers & Bottles

Trigger Sprayer(KEXON) are used for many purposes, especially, where application of the liquid content requires evenly distribution. So, no matter how good the content is, if the trigger sprays are not efficient enough, the end consumers will hesitate to go for the products. Therefore, the marketers should use only those trigger sprayers which are not […]

fredag, oktober 26th, 2018

Use of Cream Jar

Face creams are commonly put in Cream Jar(KEXON) because they won’t leak through the containers and won’t stain them either. These creams will also stay in good condition in the containers because the tight seal at the top will keep the air out. Other than face creams, these can also be used for hand creams, makeup […]

onsdag, oktober 24th, 2018

Trigger Sprayers Features

White Trigger Sprayer(KEXON) with red accents have design features that allow for easy use within various industries. The three finger trigger and rear finger support provides a comfortable grip for continual use. The red nozzle reads “Open” and “Closed” with an arrow, to indicate which direction to turn the nozzle to open the trigger sprayer for […]

mandag, oktober 22nd, 2018

Where Is The Best Plastic Caps Manufacturer

The best Plastic Caps(KEXON) manufacturer is the one who adds the finishing touch to your bottle or container. Just think if the Plastic Caps is not tightly sealed, the product can leak. If the cap comes with an applicator, it is crucial that the applicator is of good quality. You may need childproof or tamper proof […]

fredag, oktober 19th, 2018

Benefits of Buying Screw and Twist Lotion Pump Products

Today, Lotion Pump(KEXON) packed with different types of products have gained huge popularity among both consumers and manufacturers. Reason for this is that whether individuals require Screw lotion pump or any other type of pimp, they can easily get top quality and superior packaged product even at relatively low price as possible. Only users have to […]

onsdag, oktober 17th, 2018

The Need For PE Bottle In Every Industry

PE Bottle(KEXON) are used in almost every industry – whether it is in the pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetics industry, or just for household purposes. These bottles have many advantages, due to which they are used for a number of purposes. They are light in weight, easy to carry, easy to store, and above all, the […]

mandag, oktober 15th, 2018

PET Bottle And PP Bottle Difference

There are many kinds of plastic bottles, and the functions and characteristics of plastic bottles of different materials are different. Let’s compare PET bottles with PP Bottle(KEXON). Characteristics: PE is soft and has a waxy feel. Compared with the same plastic, it is lighter in weight and has a certain transparency. The flame is blue […]