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fredag, september 21st, 2018

Find Bottles Jar Packaging Plastic Glass Manufacturing

Cream Jar(KEXON) packaging is popularly used for many products, whether large quantities or small cosmetic or jam jars. That is because Cream Jar packaging has certain characteristics that suit the product. Cream Jar may be available in glass and different kinds of plastic – while plastic jars have largely replaced Cream Jar, there are some […]

onsdag, september 19th, 2018

Hints for Foam Bottle Malfunction

The Foam Bottle(KEXON) allows you to dispense foam, directly from the bottle, onto your hand! They are designed to work with liquids that are virtually as thin as water (ie low viscosity). Foamy Bottles ARE NOT designed for use in the shower – the mesh screen inside the chamber needs to be dry to function properly. […]

mandag, september 17th, 2018

How to Repair a Foam Pump

Is your Foam Pump not working? Foam Pump(KEXON) are fairly reliable devices. You push down on the finger pump, soap emerges through the spout, and the pump automatically retracts for the next cycle. But sometimes things get mess up inside the pump. When a pump isn’t working, it’s usually because it’s clogged or the spring […]

fredag, september 14th, 2018

How Does Foam Pump Really Work?

There you are with greasy fingers after buffalo chicken wing night, and your hand soap dispenser is coming up empty. A real drag. Advancements in soap technology, specifically Foam Pump(KEXON), are making soap a more noticeable commodity, however. Soap has evolved from its ubiquitous bar form to liquid and foam options. Liquid soap wasn’t marketed […]

onsdag, september 12th, 2018

Kitchen/Cleaning Trigger Sprayer

KEXON offers three great 16 oz bottles, Trigger Sprayer(KEXON) are great for kitchen. They come in three different colored tops: purple, blue and red, which let you color code your cleaning products. The strong and sturdy plastic will withstand the chemicals you wish to put inside. The large dispenser works well and is adjustable to allow […]

mandag, september 10th, 2018

Plastic Pump Design Three Types

For maximum service life, vertical Plastic Pump(KEXON) designs should be furnished with chemically inert sleeve bearings in the submerged area. Best results appear to be achieved with ultra-pure ceramic inner sleeves, and silicon carbide, reinforced Teflon, or Vanite outer bearings. Various sealless pump designs are being selected in response to the tighter regulatory requirements, three […]

fredag, september 7th, 2018

Why do We Need Plastic PE Bottle Packaging?

Plastic PE Bottle(KEXON) packaging serves several important functions in our modern lives, which are the primary reasons we rely on it: Protection: protects vulnerable products from damage whilst in transit and from contamination or damage by moisture, humidity, gases, microorganisms, insects and light. Preservation: preserves products for longer, which reduces waste by giving people more time […]

onsdag, september 5th, 2018

Filling Machines for Products That Foam Bottle

Foam Bottle(KEXON) from soaps to beverages, chemicals and cleaners, a wide range of liquid products have a tendency to create foam when unsettled by the filling process. Moving the liquid from the bulk tank or a holding tank, through the plumbing of a liquid filler and in to bottles tends to agitate the product, which […]

mandag, september 3rd, 2018

The Trigger Sprayers Features

The principle of a Trigger Sprayer(KEXON) pump is a small engine with a piston in a cylinder which pumps liquid through a dip tube in the cylinder and, using the pressure created by squeezing the handle, the liquid is forced through the nozzle base into the nozzle itself. The nozzle can emit a fine mist, […]

fredag, august 31st, 2018

Why Recycle Plastic Caps & Lids

A 2016 debris removal effort of Midway Atoll, an island with a population of less than 60 in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (1,300 miles from Honolulu, the closest city), found almost 5,000 Plastic Caps(KEXON); if not recycled, these caps travel a large distance and pose a danger to marine life because of their […]